Lois and Clark .wavs

[Dr. Klein asks Superman if he's a little crabby.]

[The best compilation of Dr. Klein .wavs on the net.]

[Who's Lois' buddy?]

[What's the Kung Fu of emotions? Jimmy'll tell ya.]

[Jimmy's very embarrassing confession.]

[Jimmy thinks Lois' novel is "way psychological."]

[Doesn't anybody do any work around here?]

[Lois and Clark are late for work. Perry is sarcastic.]

[How would you like to be told that you and your s.o. are soulmates...by a dead writer?]

[H.G. Wells tells Lois what the hardes lesson is.]

[H.G. informs Lois that she's blind, rather than "galactically stupid."]

[H.G. exclaims, "Eureka!"]

[H.G. tells Tempus he's a "fiend beyond comprehension."]

[Bobby Bigmouth is way excited about Lois and Clark's first date.]

[The name is Klein. Bernard Klein.]

[After Superman sneezes and wrecks all of a lab at S.T.A.R. (when his powers are out of control), Dr. Klein says "darn."]

[Star asks Lois whether there's something "evil in her purse."]

that's all...for now.

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