there are gonna be a lot of these, so bear with me. there's one for every letter in the alphabet...i dare you to read the whole thing.

actor: woody allen, steve martin, gene hackman, dean cain
actress: none
artist: piet mondrian, leonardo da vinci, pablo picasso, henri magritte (and any other surrealist, usually)
animal: cats, especially tigers and domestic
author: charles romalotti, j.d. salinger, ernest hemingway, john steinbeck, tamora pierce, toni morrison,
band: hard, but i'd have to say green day
book: 'the catcher in the rye' 'of mice and men' 'the lioness quartet' mini-series by tamora pierce
camera: canon rebel 2000
cd/album: 'nimrod' (green day), atticus comp. ('...dragging the lake.')
city: new york
color: black, blue, red
comic book publisher: dc comics, oni press
computer: ibm thinkpad
culture/race: irish
drink: mountain dew
emotion: self-satisfaction, accomplishment
fanfic: too many too little time
fanfic author: tank wilson (among others)
food: chocolate, chinese
greek god/goddess: athena
guitarist: billy joe armstrong, tom delonge, eric clapton, kurt cobain
holiday: christmas
indie film: 'slc punk!'
juice: pineapple, fruit punch
kahuna (wizard, guru): dumbledore, sirius black (from the harry potter books)
language: german
loserkid: tom delonge
location: new york city
movie: 'empire records' 'bananas' 'sleeper' 'love and death' 'my blue heaven' 'l.a. story' 'slc punk!' 'batman' 'batman: mask of the phantasm' 'finding forrester' 'chocolat' 'monty python and the holy grail' 'monty python's life of brian'
music genre: punk rock
name (boy): mycroft, sherlock, clark, kal
name (girl): lois, karrie
newspaper: the new york times (accept *no* substitutes)
number: 9; 36; 66 (in that order)
operation: 'operation bluebook'
pet: cat
quote: there are sooo many. but here are a few of my favs.

'honey, there will always be another headless corpse, but true love comes around maybe once.'

-perry white to lois lane

'you don't believe in religion, you don't believe in science, what *do* you believe in?'

'sex, and death. two things that come around maybe once in a lifetime.'

-from woody allen's 'sleeper' (woody/woody's character)

'Lois observed him placidly. "That's why I called for you instead of letting Clark in on this, Superman," she said casually and seated herself in the windowsill. "If I told Clark, he'd go through his Clark cycle reasoning, and I..."

"Clark cycle?"

"You know," she said, and began counting off on her fingers. "'Lois, this is crazy.' 'I'm not going to let you do this.' 'Do you ever stop to think about your own safety?' 'We'll see what Perry [White] has to say about this...' and by the time Clark gets to 'I'm going with you,' a lot of precious time has been wasted."'

-from 'persistence of memory' by zoomway

radio station: WSOU (Seton Hall Radio 89.5 fm); K-Rock (92.3 fm)
rem song: 'losing my religion'
soda: mountain dew
song: waaaay too many; maybe 'superman' by five for fighting, 'minority' by green day, 'punk rawk show' by mxpx, 'i believe' by agent 51, 'there is' by box car racer, 'jaked on green beers' and 'armageddon' by alkaline trio, 'little things' and 'waldorf worldwide' and 'east coast anthem' by good charlotte, 'nothing frequency' by autopilot off, 'god must hate' by simple plan, and about a million others
show (punk rawk): vans warped tour
teeth: canines
time of day: night
tv channel: much music usa, cartoon network/boomerang, tnt
tv show: 'lois and clark: the new adventures of superman' 'daria' 'seinfeld' 'justice league' 'superman: the animated series' 'batman: the animated series' 'batman beyond' 'dharma and greg'
utensil: fork
villian: lex luthor, doomsday, zod (especially his most recent comic book incarnation)
website: my favorite bands' sites, black candle, zoomway's message boards, lcfanfic.net, fanfiction.net
word: chlorine, superman, clark, too many to continue
x-treme sport: surfing
yellow object: caution tape
z-word: zebra, zeal, zenith, zealot

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