You Might Be a FoLC If...

OK. If you want to find out if you're a FoLC or not, you have a few options. First of all there's this peom written by Allison Word. See if it describes you:

Maybe I'm lonely, but I'm not alone.

Maybe I'm crazy, maybe that's shown.

The one thing I think, the one thing I feel,

To everyone else it's unimportant, it's not even real.

To us it's a way of life, or the way we live,

We don't understand it, it just is.

We live by the quotes, the sayings, and rules,

And to us, green and red rocks, certainly aren't jewels.

What can I say, to make you understand?

It's not even real, it's just Superman.

So, why do we act, the way that we do?

If you find out the answer, will you tell me too?

Sometimes I wish that I wasn't this way,

But what else I am, what should I say?

You don't understand me, why bother to try?

My obsession is like Lex Luthor, it may never die.

At long last, I know what I am, and it's no joke,

I think I was born and raised, to be a FoLC.

Are you a FoLC?
[ YES! ]

Still not sure? Well try this: You Might Be a FoLC If...

-you threaten to kill anyone who even dares to *think* of messing with the television while L&C

or L&C promos are on

-you dream about Lois & Clark on a regular basis

-you find yourself freaking out when the date on a malfunctioning computer reads "May 17th, 1966"

-you interrogate the 'rents when discovering a family member has married into the last name of "Lane"

-you start to name things after L&C (including using episode name acronyms!) For example: "Atai Teri Phoenix"

-you read your phone book to look for character/actor names... and find out there *is* someone named "Clark Kent" in your city!

-you find yourself quoting entire episodes at a time

-you use quotes from L&C in everyday conversation

-you've searched any and all toy stores for Space Rats

-in science, you've memorized all there is to know about the element Krypton on the Table of Elements chart

b)you're astounded to find that Krypton is 36, Dean Cain's Buffalo Bills jersey number

c)your attention is immediately brought to the symbols for Chlorine, Argon, and Potassium, (Cl Ar K) which spell... well, I'm sure you know!

-every time you order pizza, and someone asks you about toppings, you reply, "What goes in a salad does not go on a pizza"

-you look at the clock and absent-mindedly say, "7:01... 7:02... 7:03... 7:04... 7:05..."

-you've started watching nature specials in hopes of catching a glimpse of Marlin Finch Lupus

-you plan family trips to Metropolis, Illinois

-you find yourself using the "can different species mate/reproduce" thread of Superman and Lois as an essay question answer

-your mom asks you to play Scrabble, and you tell her, "Only if there's such word as 'chumpy'!"

b)you've actually read the Scrabble dictionary to see if "chumpy" is a word

c)when you don't have the tiles for "chumpy", you spell out "Clark" instead

-you're struck by the thought that your best friend looks like Teri/Dean

-your teacher accidently calls you Teri/Dean

-your computer password has something to do with L&C

-you make up acronyms having to do with the show (SWOCK, SWODC, MATH, IWWATFTDCIDDGWIHOA, FFtRoF, etc)

-you write fanfic, and read it more than any other type of "literature"

-you live by the FoLC Bill of Rights

-you spazz when someone mentions time travel or H.G. Wells

-whenever you see emeralds or rubies, you stare in horror and scream, "Kryptonite!!! Nooooooo!!!"

-you've actually phoned stores to see if they have Double Fudge Crunch bars

-whenever you visit hospitals, you look around in hopes of finding CK in scrubs

-you recite off all of the episode names, in order, to calm yourself down when nervous

-you audio tape episodes and listen to then with your Walkman, so when at school or work, you're never without L&C!

-your favourite saying is, "Hello? DUH!"

-you're on/run an e-mail discussion list, a spoiler list, a fanfic list and online fan clubs for L&C

-you see/tape (watch with a glazed look in your eyes) all Dean and Teri interviews possible

b)every time you pass the refrigerator section in a department store, you crack up

c)you make it a point to avoid yellow jackets (or murderous thoughts of scissors and material make their way into your mind)

-you see a black-and-white checkered shirt and immediately think, "Ned"

-when apartment hunting, you look for one that's #501 on the *third* story of the building

-you've searched the stores for the Christmas star ornament from "Season's Greedings"

b)your favourite Christmas song is "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" by the Pretenders (and listen to it in August...)

-at choir practice, you try to convince everyone that "Wall of Sound" by Lenny Stoke is a real song, and attempt to teach it. ("No, no, no! It's 'awake my children, lost and found...'")

b)you've gotten them to sing "I've Got A Crush on You" in a choir concert

-Hawaiian shirts and the name "Dan" irk you

-the word "A-Plot" has been banned from your vocabulary

-you harrass ABC about pre-emptions and lack of episodes with the Kents

-you write out lists of "You might be a FoLC if..."

-you actually understand the things listed above

and finally, you might be a FoLC if...

-you end all conversations with, "That's all FoLCs!" :)

(by Jenn Farwell)

Are you a FoLC?

[ YES! ]

Still not sure? Well, if all else fails, just pray:

Our Father, who art in Metropolis,
Robert Singer be thy name.
Let our kingdom come,
Our will be done,
In Metropolis as it is in fanfic.
Give us this day, our daily WAFF,
And forgive us our SWOCKiness,
As we forgive SMOTH on IRC.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from pre-emption,
For Metropolis is the kingdom,
The ratings are the glory,
Forever and ever...

If you still can't decide, then I think you should try watching the show...

not mine. none of it. it's all somebody else's. i'm just using it...oops.
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