by ultragirl

Just a short fic born out of my frustration.


It had happened again. Lois was just furious. This was something that she just couldn't live with anymore. It was driving her insane! It was the worst thing that ever happened to her. It was worse than when she found out that Clark was Superman, it was worse than when she found out Lex was the root of all evil in Metropolis, it was worse than Claude! Well, almost worse than Claude. It was worse than being kidnapped by some psycho with kryptonite bent on getting to Superman by using her as bait, it was worse than Clark being taken away to New Krypton by Ching and Zara, it was worse... well, it was just plain worse!

Lois swore she was going to kill whoever created that virus! The next time she saw a computer nerd, she was going to kill him. She was so sick and tired of working on the same paragraph over and over.

Just then, a beeping alerted her to the fact that her computer had crashed once again. That was the last straw. "AAAHHHHH!!!" she shrieked.

The End!! Did I getcha?

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