Just a Thought

by Ultragirl

Author's notes: This is just something I wrote for pure enjoyment. No a-plot, no WAFFiness. Like the title says, just a thought. It's based on the song "Bad Day," by Fuel.

No copyright infringement intended.

She spilled her coffee
Broke a shoelace
Smeared the lipstick on her face.
She left a note
It said
I'm sorry I
Had a bad day again.

-Bad Day, by Fuel


Perry sank into his big red rotating chair in his office.

He heaved in a deep breath, then let it out slowly.

She was gone again.

When he had awakened that morning, she had already left- early as it was. He had gone downstairs looking for her, wondering where she was at five am. All he had found was the note. It was next to a half-empty cup of coffee on their kitchen counter. She had gone.

The phrase "I had a bad day again" reverberated in his head. It merely echoed her true sentiments; she never had been great at talking about her feelings. He grinned ever so slightly at the thought...reminded him of Lois. The infinitesimal grin disappeared.

The coffee had been cold by the time he had found it and the note. He had read the few words she had written there; afterwards, he had felt much colder than the coffee.

She had told him about the morning she had. She had awakened, showered and dressed. She had put her make-up on; she had smeared the lipstick on her face. She had become further frustrated when her shoelace had snapped as she tied her shoes.

Finally, she had gone downstairs; she had gotten herself some coffee. As she took the first sip, it had spilt onto her hand, scalding her. Then she had scribbled the note and left it for him.

Perry didn't think she had gone for good. But what scared him was he wasn't sure anymore. He knew she had been becoming irritated with him because he had been spending so much time at work over the years, but recently in particular. He sighed again.

"I'm sorry, Perry. I just...I just had a bad day again."

Dammit. He knew he should have been spending more time with her...now...he might have really lost her.


He dragged himself through the day. He attempted to keep his mind off Alice, but failed at it miserably. He watched Lois and Clark; they were still so happy, so innocent. He always knew they were meant for each other; he just hoped Clark never had to feel like he did right then.


When he got home that night- late, as usual, -she wasn't there. He knew that was it; she wasn't coming home tonight.

the end

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