Lois and Clark .wavs

[...but who's counting?]

[Clark asks Lois on a date]

[Someone's a chump, therefore he's chumpy]

[When are people truly passionate? Clark's got an answer...and so does Lois.]


[Lois and Clark have a fight about Kryptonite.]

[Clark does not have hat hair!]

[Clark knows.]

[All things considered...]

[The origin of lunkhead.]

[Get your own damn coffee!!]

[Help, Superman!]

[Lois asks Clark to make love to her.]

[Minute's up, Clark! Come to Mama!]

[Captain Obvious strikes again.]

[Lois tells Spencer Spencer off.]

[Alone in Paradise with the woman I love...it's almost biblical.]

[Lois never listens!]

[Clark taunts Lois.]

[Cheesy French, huh?]



[sensing a theme?]

[Help, Superman! No, wait, make that Ultra Woman!]

[Uh, you got me. I wanna borrow your clothes.]

[So what do you prefer, Clark? Boxers or briefs?]

[That is so not fair!]

[Lois and Clark play poker.]

[Well, well...look what the cat dragged in...]

[Lois and Clark after their honeymoon.]

[Clark's wedding vows.]

[Clark, that's why we have editors.]

[Don't fall for me, Farmboy.]

[Lois and Clark fly to their wedding.]

[Clark doesn't think Gotham City heard Lois' exclamation.]

that's all...for now!

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