The Morning After

by ultragirl

“Uuhhgh...” Lois groaned as she sat up in bed. Every muscle in her body ached.

//No, ‘aches’ is putting it mildly,// Lois thought to herself. More like screamed in protest at even the most infinitesimal of movements.

//God, I thought I was in better shape than this!// She thought. She attempted to get out of bed, but instead ended up face down on the floor. “Oh, yeah, this is gonna be a really long day,” she mumbled into the carpet.

Lois had never been so sore in all her life. Not after beating up the bad guys, not after her first karate lesson ever (and that was saying something!), not ever.

“Oh, you’re finally up! Well, good morning, sleepyhead!” came the way-too-cheerful greeting of Clark’s.

“Humph, maybe for you,” Lois grumbled as Clark offered her a cup of coffee. “Thanks,” she said as she accepted the mug. “I don’t remember ever being so sore in all my life!” she stated as she limped over to the table where Clark sat and joined him.

“Aw, c’mon, Lois, it isn’t that bad ... is it?” Clark asked. Lois shot him a look that made him think twice about that assumption. “O-kay, so, maybe, it is,” Clark relented. “But I’ll bet you can’t wait to do it again!” He threw her one of those makes-your-insides-melt sort of grins. Unfortunately, it failed to have the desired effect.

“Oh, so help me God, I’ll never surf again!” Lois exclaimed. At that, the two friends broke out in fit of laughter.

The End

Author's note: Just a reaction to my own surfing experience. Actually, Lois Lane is supposed to be in very good shape, while I am not (blush :), and I have no idea whether people in good shape would suffer such severe effects. (I sit in front of the computer too much. ;)

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