for all you vocabulary challenged folks out there, 'quintessence' is just a fancy word for essence, really. actually, it means the very foundation or core of something. using poetic license a bit, i've twisted that to mean my 'me-ness.' in other words, who i am.

i love to write, draw, and take photos, mostly black and white ones. i've been told that i have a great talent for writing and drawing, and my photos are okay.

i also love to listen to music. at this stage of my life, my favorite genre of music is punk rock. i have an electric guitar - some off-brand version of a basic fender strat - and my mom lets me play her acoustic. i'm in a band, and we don't currently have a name. in fact, we haven't even had a practice yet, but let's not go there. i even 'play' my guitars. i say 'play' because most people would probably find my playing annoying and bad.

i'm really into superman. anything superman. it all started when i was a kid, watching 'superman: the animated series' (what later came to be known as 'the batman/superman adventures') and the christopher reeve superman movies. during the time of my life between then and about three years ago, i sort of forgot about superheroes. about three years ago, i was sick at home and turned on the tv and guess what i found on tnt? reruns of the old show 'lois and clark: the new adventures of superman.' i remembered watching it a little when i was a kid, but back then, i didn't get most of it. now, however, it's my favorite tv show of all time, with 'seinfeld' coming in an extremely close second. i now write fanfiction for 'lois and clark' and collect anything superman. (i'm a comic book junkie.)

i'm also a fan of the not-quite-new-anymore 'justice league' series on cartoon network, as well as 'superman: the animated series,' 'batman: the animated series,' and 'batman beyond,' 'daria,' 'seinfeld,' 'dharma and greg,' 'clone high,' and now, i must include 'smallville,' despite my previously conflicted feelings over that show. (note my affinity for shows that get cancelled.)

oh, yeah. in case you didn't figure it out yet, i'm a real tomboy. so fuck you.

i think that's it. yeah, that's it.

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