Robinís Revelation

by Ultragirl

Robin peered around the room silently, carefully scanning for anything interesting. He stood just inside the window of Clark Kentís apartment.

Out of simple curiosity, Tim had spent his spare time as Robin investigating Superman. His curiosity had first been piqued when Batman had returned to the (Bat)Cave one night, obviously content with some new and interesting information. Being the cool, always-in-control, imperturbable guy he was, Bruce had tried to hide his satisfaction, but Tim had grown to know him just a little too well, and just had to figure out what was making Bruce look as close as he ever got to looking like the proverbial cat who just ate the canary. After doing some checking around with Oracle and Alfred, Tim had discovered that Bruce had supposedly spent the night looking for Superman.

ďAnd he apparently found him,Ē Tim had thought, ďAlong with something else.Ē He had then proceeded to do some research on the ďMan of Steel,Ē and had discovered that, apparently, a journalist working at the Daily Planet, Clark Kent, was the only person able to contact Superman on a regular basis without having to put his life in jeopardy to do it. Tim had decided that Clark Kent was where he should start his search.

So here he was, scoping out Kentís apartment. He glided noiselessly from room to room, ensuring that no one was home and, at the same time, looking for anything of interest. After combing through almost the entire apartment, and finding nothing except the possessions of any Metropolitan bachelor, his only option left was one small room off the bedroom- the bathroom. Not wanting to leave any stone unturned, although seriously doubting he would discover anything beyond toilet paper and a toothbrush, he opened the door and slipped inside.

The sight that met his eyes within threw him seriously off balance, to say the least. There, on the shower rack, hung an unmistakable, famous red, blue, and yellow uniform. Supermanís uniform, still damp, hung drying in Clark Kentís shower. Tim grabbed the suit suddenly, seemingly wanting tangible proof that this was in fact the spandex of Supermanís uniform. Yup, no doubt about it, this was Supermanís suit all right.

Timís thought processes suddenly hurtled into overdrive as the implications of his discovery began to slide into place. Tim had seen photos of both Clark Kent and Superman. The physical similarities were uncanny, really, should anyone take the time to examine both faces. And here was Supermanís uniform in Kentís apartment. And Tim knew for a fact that even superheroes needed a time out at some point or another. Why should it be any different for Superman? So where did Superman hang his spare capes? Apparently in his own apartment. Add to that the fact that Batman obviously knew something he hadnít before and...well, it would be hard not to accept the conclusions Tim was quickly drawing.

Suddenly, Tim was jerked out of his ponderings by the sounds of someone entering the apartment. He peered out the crack between the door to the bathroom and the wall to see who had entered the next room. Seeing who it was, Tim couldnít resist revealing himself.

ďSo, CK, or should I say Superman,Ē Robin said, holding up the super-suit in one hand and grinning broadly, ďDidnít your mother ever teach you to put your clothes away after washing them?Ē


Authorís note: This isnít really a sequel to my Batman silly rev., due to the fact that I refer to Clark as a bachelor in this story, while he is obviously not in the Batman rev. ;) But, if you want to ignore that fact, go ahead and consider it a sequel. :)

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