Sublime Moment

by Ultragirl

*WARNING!!*DON'T READ THIS STORY before you read "A NEW RESOLVE" (available on Sublime Moment was inspired by "ANR" Actually, I wrote it shortly after I read the first part of ANR, even before I finished reading all of ANR. (I wanted to compare endings :)

No copyright infringement intended. And I don't want to copy or detract from your fic, Sammy Burleigh. I love your fic; it's definitely one of my favorites. :) Thanks for inspiring me!

* * *

It had been three months since the last time he had seen her. Three months since his heart had been ripped from his chest. Three months without seeing her, three months of sheer torture.

She had been preparing to marry another man, and he had told her of his secret love for her to stop her. She had rejected his love, and his friendship.

That day when he had made his confession was the last time he had seen her, spoken to her. She had gone on to marry the man she loved and had completely forgotten him and his friendship with her, his love for her. He had tried to forget her, to get on with his life, but it was no use; he knew he would forever have this deep, empty void within his soul, a void that should have been filled by her. He saw no point in living now, but he hadn't the heart to do anything about that; in fact, he hadn't the heart to do anything, except his job, which he only did to be able to keep a roof above his head...and his other job, the one which he just couldn't ignore, because people needed him.

* * *

He had been at an open-twenty-four-hours type grocery store, picking up only the bare essentials he needed to live, which wasn't much considering he was Superman, when it had happened.

He had been in the bread and cereal isle. He was heading to the registers to pay for his bread and milk when he had bumped into a young woman. He later reflected that it had all been his own fault; if he had been looking ahead instead of at the floor, he may never have run into her. He mumbled a half-hearted apology and had begun to pick up the woman's groceries when a hand on his shoulder had stilled his motions immediately.

He would know that touch anywhere.

The woman pushed him back so that he was sitting on his heels. He didn't look up at her right away; he was afraid to. A small, delicate hand cupped his cheek and lifted his face to her own.

It was she; he had known as soon as she had touched his shoulder, but seeing her face, her beautiful face, confirmed what he had already known, what he feared most. It was she.

She looked down at him for a moment, her eyes clouded. If he hadn't known better, he would have said it was tears which caused that clouded look. Then she was suddenly on the floor with him, clutching him to her, hanging onto him for dear life, sobbing into his shoulder.

This he hadn't expected. Hell, he hadn't expected to see her at all, ever! The sound of her sobs and her soft murmurings so full of pain, her unique scent, the feeling of having her in his arms again, overwhelmed him then, and in a flash, he found himself returning her embrace, crying along with her softly, praying fervently that this wasn't all some dream, some nightmarish, terrifying, heavenly, wonderful dream. They sat there on the cold tiled floor of the food store, locked in an embrace that told both of them of their mutual need for one another, an embrace that spoke louder than words ever could.

It was in that sublime moment of their lives that each knew they couldnever be separated again.


Copyright ultragirl October 8, 2001

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