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This section is my top five list for every week. Hopefully, I'll be able to update weekly. Anyway, these are my five favorite Lois and Clark fics of the week, both older and newer:

Updated 4/9

1. Carbon Copy by Wendy Richards (I think?)- Still in production. Another take-off of the second season episode "Top Copy," but with a twist. Will Lois find *two* men living in Clark's apartment?! Clark and...Superman?! An alternate universe's Clark Kent/Superman is brought to the Metropolis we know by H.G. Wells to help his other-worldy counterpart as Diana Stride seeks to assassinate Superman, and expose his secret identity.

2. Time After Time by Peace Everett- Episode 2 of Season 5. Ever wonder where that baby came from in "The Family Hour?" Of course you have. This is just one idea of what might have been had Lois and Clark not been cancelled. A well-told tale, with a great a-plot and great writing. There's even a little humor and angst in it, too.

3. What Friends Are For by Wendy Richards (boy, Wendy sure is popular...:D)- A heart-warming little fic set in the first season. Lois helps Clark recover his perspective on life and death after a paricularly hard Superman rescue. All the more wonderful, since Lois doesn't yet know The Secret.

4. Psychic by Carolyn B. Schnall- Set in the third season, between "When Irish Eyes are Killing" and "Just Say Noah" (i.e., Lois knows The Secret). Clark meets a new friend, someone who has some special powers of her own. As it turns out, Clark may need her to bail him out of some trouble. Well-written and with good insights.

5. A Question of Trust by Raconteur- Set after the Lex non-wedding fiasco, during that precious healing time. Lois and Clark do a little hiking, a little camping, and a little investigating. They even end up meeting up with their ol' buddies, Bureau 39. What a vacation, huh? Excellent. A must-read.

All of these can be found at, along with many, many others. And if you can't find 'em there, they're somewhere on Zoomway's Message Boards. Also, these stories do not belong to me, they belong to the authors. These stories have been used without the permission of the authors (no offense or copyright infringement intended).

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