ultragirl's fics

Hey, I said that I had some of my own fics, didn't I? Well, here they are!

All Heroes' Eve- A short next generation fic. The story of a young boy's Holloween.

All Shook Up: Revisited- A rewrite of the first season episode, "All Shook Up." Written entirely from Clark's perspective. Not complete.

Cry of the Silver Banshee- Who is the person that haunts Clark's dreams at night? Not complete.

Hindrance- Just a really, really short fic born from my own frustrations. It's funny though!

Just A Thought- A Perry story. Based on the Fuel song, "Bad Day."

Merry Christmas...?- A story I wrote out of frustration this Christmas. A very Lois Lane Christmas.

The Morning After- The morning after...what?

Panic (Working Title)- What would happen if the Scarecrow decided to pay a visit to Metropolis? (This might turn into a Lois and Clark/Batman crossover; not sure yet, though.) Not complete.

Post-Resplendent- A not-quite-short after-the-fact. This takes place after the second season episode, "Bolt from the Blue." Not complete.

Robin's Revelation- How does Robin discover Clark's secret? In response to the Batman/Bat family silly revelation challenge from the summer.

Sublime Moment- A very short fic based on the fanfic, "A New Resolve." Please believe me when I say that I don't mean to steal the author's story, I just wrote this purely for fun.

Untitled (1)- One of my multiple works-in-progress that does not yet have a title. What would happen to Clark if his parents...were killed? Not complete.

Untitled (2)- Is Clark going insane...or is this just another sinister plot? Not complete.

Untitled (3)- A teenage Lois Lane grows up in the current day. An amalgam of an early years Lois and Clark fic and a sister of Smallville fic. Not complete.

Untitled (4)-This is a fic based more on the Superman comics, during the period of time that Lois is travelling the world with her mother...or maybe it's something deeper than that. (But it's got a Lois and Clark kind of feel to it.) Anyway, it's set several months after Our Worlds at War. Meant to explore Clark's feelings and fears about Lois' recent behavior, although I have a feeling it might mutate into something with an a-plot. (g) (Personally, I think it's one of my better fics. Please read it.)

Untitled (5)*- Trask is back- again. Not my greatest, but I'm working on it. Not complete.

Super-Ego- Here's a short Lois and Clark poem.

Here are two fics that are not Lois and Clark related.

The Mission- A Gundam Wing fic. Based on the Gundam Wing movie, "Endless Waltz." (Which is really very good; I highly recommend it.)

Untitled (1a)- Chloe Sullivan is like a Lois Lane...so what does it do to her when she is officially suspended from working on Smallville High's newspaper, The Torch?

That's it...for now. Hey, anyway, stay tuned for more if you like any of this stuff. And in case I forget to state it in the fics themselves, I don't own any of these characters. Lois Lane, Clark Kent, Superman, etc. all belong to DC Comics, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster (or, at this point, their closest living relatives...I think), Warner Brothers, December 3rd Productions, and most likely others. I just don't know who they are. Sorry. (That goes for Lois and Clark stuff and Smallville stuff.) As for Gundam Wing, I don't know who that belongs to; but, whoever it belongs to, it's not me. I am grateful to all those who own and write anything Superman related, as well as Gundam Wing related. I pray that you don't sue me for writing these things; I mean, technically, you can, but I can promise you that you won't get much out of it at all. I'm just an unemployed teenager trying to escape reality for a while. Thanks for giving me that opportunity.

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